Monday, May 30, 2016

Memorial Day 2016 (Games, Food and Wedding Planning)

We tossed around several ideas on how to spend the day. Invariably, the responses went something like this, "That will be  crowded,"  or "You need to stay off the roads!" In the end, we decided I would start a couple of tri-tip roasts early in the day, and we'd have tri-tip sandwiches at Mom and Dads. 

We had a somewhat lazy morning. Sherri and I made a quick run to the grocery store. Larissa went out for coffee with Bre and Bella.  Eventually we went over to Mom and Dads...They've been watching Yuuki for us, so we can keep Bleeker - JaRissa's cat. It was funny to see Yuuki, Mom and Dad's pugs and Lassie, our grand dog, in one spot.  

Yuuki and Lassie finally meet

We have been having gorgeous weather - unusual for OR.  None of us were really sure of the croquet rules - but we had fun trying. Mom eventually looked the rules up online. We may have liked Gherkin House Rules better. ::wink::

These three preferred a well-deserved nap to a game
Dad, Jared, Michael 
 So sweet of Arielle and Larissa to play Candyland with Stacia

Some of us played Farkle

Dinner was good - the men went to move the trailer from Will and Sherri's back to our campground.

 Meanwhile, we talked WEDDING!!!! and it was fun! Arielle has set a tentative date - which I'll announce if and when all the pieces fit together for it to be a "firm date."  Larissa's tips and insights were invaluable!
Larissa, me, Arielle

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Love these kinds of days. PERFECT! love prayers to everyone. mom t