Thursday, May 05, 2016

Texas or Bust

Need I say more? What a sweetie. Three weeks old and charming us all with her smiles. It's a good day when you get to see BreZaak and Bella....we filled up on snuggles and sweet words and then said goodbye.

Today we began our trip down to Texas.....Graduation in 9 days, wedding in 10 days!  Woot!!!!!

Arielle took a couple of finals and came home. She seems to be having withdrawals....always wondering what paper needs to be done, what final she should be studying for or which job she needs to be rushing to - but she's DONE with her first year of college. Way to go Arielle! Worked three jobs, earned a 4. (or close after finals), and found time to date Cory. ::wink::  She'll travel down to TX with us and fly back on the 17th - this will give her nearly two weeks to truly relax.....She's earned it!

We are spending the night at Valley of the Rogue state park. It's a lovely spot to overnight.  We enjoy state parks so much better than RV Parks - sigh. I remembered to get meat out to thaw so we could cook when we arrived! SCORE. Dinner outside was nice.....

Poor Yuuki had to be put inside. She started straining and howling....seems she didn't like our dinner guest....

Arielle felt this may be too much nature. LOL 

The kids took a nice walk along the river after dinner. In prep of an early start tomorrow,  they've headed to the showers. Michael and I sat and talked, while watching nature and the lovely Rogue River. I got the chicken cooked so I can easily assemble Chicken Divan when we stop tomorrow night at Beale AFB Fam Camp.....our old stomping grounds.  

We're heading to Texas! 

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