Sunday, July 31, 2016

Work and Play!

Today's project was exciting and a fair bit emotional, too. Michael remembers helping Dad G build the greenhouse. He loved to putter in here.  He would start the plants here for the three garden spots he loved. We are at a place where we could tackle the inside of the greenhouse. All those spots were FULL of berries and trees. There are still some vines to remove and beds to build up....but look....light is coming in and the promise is there. I could imagine Dad's pleasure at having it nearly workable again. He loved tomatoes from his greenhouse! 

   There is still quite a bit of "growth" to the left and back of the windows....Nolan was tasked with clearing the back wall of the greenhouse!
GREAT job.....
These garden spots are overgrown...before we're done,  we'll try to reclaim at least one of them. The other one was in the notorious SE Corner, which we are still valiantly trying to clear and reach a neighbor's fence. 

Alex trimmed the walkways, and did a bit of work for a neighbor too. 

Michael thinks we can clear this spot in a day and make a seating area with a great view of the river. Mom G is all for it....this is the "fern garden," though it seems the  fern needs to be uncovered and liberated from various other things that have gone "hog wild."  This spot is in front of the house - overlooking the river. 

Stacia and I did a couple of loads of laundry, folded and restocked laundry, moved trunks around, continued to work on organizing the front and corralled recycling to get it out from underfoot.  As with any other house, houses simply don't stay organized as long as a tree stays pruned....we take breaks to go outside and see the progress.... today on our break we captured this sight. It can get discouraging to put in 6 - 8 hour days, week on end, and feel  you're making very little progress, but when we step outside we see visible progress everywhere. LOL 

We played tonight! No work at all - we sat around the fire and enjoyed fellowship with a dear family from our last assignment! How fun they came to visit the area! We had s'mores, fruit pockets made over the campfire, laughter and great conversation....
Michael, Ed, Ben, Cherri, Jonathan, Alex, Nolan, Stacia
 It did my soul good to see Cherri! Sometimes you just need a hug from a friend who has been through some "life" with you....especially when you've not made a ton of new friends in your new location, yet.  
Me and Cherri

Benjamin was EXCITED to cook and SERVE marshmallows

Jonathan has gorgeous eyes! and a lovely inquisitive nature as well! 

I didn't take one photo of the fun camping tool they brought to share - but I found one on Google. It's a pie iron! We made fruit pies tonight at the campfire -  the possibilities are endless.  They brought the ingredients, and then  left them and the cast iron pie iron with us! I've been tired of s'mores for several weeks....Have you used one of these before? What kind of pocket or pie would you make? 
Via Google Images
It was a good day in every way! It's nearing midnight and we need to get an early start on the work tomorrow. 


Ginger Harrington said...

Wow, you've got your work cut out for you. Was just thinking of you and thought I'd pop over and see what you're us to. Hope you're having a good summer! Fondly, Ginger

Judie said...

Hi, I have been reading your blog since your family was in Alaska. You have blessed and encouraged me. I pray for your family daily. Your Words of Choosing Joy has changed my life.
Jesus is my Joy through all things. May God abundantly bless you and your family.

Anonymous said...

so proud of all you are doing for Mom G...... also all you did for us. Looks neat seeing the greenhouse with light is awesome. So glad friends stopped by and you all had such a great time. love/prayers mom t.