Saturday, December 03, 2016

Girl Time

Last night Krista and CoRielle dropped by the RV.  Stacia went home early with Krista. They sent me this photo. Can you believe such a big, full tree for $20? Stacia had a blast decorating. 

Michael and CoRielle talked through the upcoming wedding ceremony.

This morning Arielle introduced Stacia to the world of janitors as they cleaned a local church. They also did a few wedding errands. While they were out, Krista made buckeyes and then she and Stacia went to their church's cookie exchange.

Michael and I had a wonderful lunch with his sister. We stopped by her house to pick up Mom G's car. Michael and the boys are running down to CA to pick up a few things for Mom and be sure the house  (and a neighbor's house we watch) are ready for the weeks we'll be up here.

Stacia and I drove around and looked at Christmas lights. 

Lots of friends have been surprised I've never seen a Gilmore Girls episode. Stacia and I are spending our quiet nights while the boys are gone watching Gilmore Girls. ::wink::

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