Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Stacia's Tribute

My dear grandma love
I will miss you terribly
But you are happy

Stacia and Mom G often wrote haiku's and shared them back and forth. She showed us this one last night.

We are all remembering various incidents and times today.....Stacia had a strong desire to spend her 11th birthday in Crescent City  (really out of left field - before any of us had thought of  moving to Crescent City to help Mom G). Looking back, we are thrilled and happy this worked out. Her birthday was just four days after Mom G's 88th. birthday. We were all looking forward to another one this year. I had begun planning the 90th/13th shindig.
Michael, Mom G, Nolan, Stacia, Alex

Last summer Stacia caught a fish - but she released it. Mom G was insistent she needed to be sure to keep the next one, as she was craving trout. Stacia promised to catch another fish for Grandma to eat. She tried and tried but never caught another fish last summer. Today, she regrets not being able to keep her promise.  We are assuring her it is o.k. - but those of us a bit older, who have walked this path, can understand the regrets. Maybe you'd say a prayer for Stacia's young heart today?

We have assured her the times she spent listening to Mom G's stories, as they sorted through her possessions and she did odd jobs for Grandma,  were happy ones for Mom G, and ones she will remember the rest of her life.

Stacia uses "words" more than our men-folk to express her thoughts and emotions...but I know, while the past year was a tough one, it is full of treasured memories. We were given the gift of getting to know Mom G in a way we'd never known her before. She was more talkative about her childhood and adult memories than she'd ever been. I regret thinking we had "plenty of time" to capture the stories on video.
Treasured Memories


Patty Hough said...

Dear Stacia,
What a wonderful granddaughter you are! Your dear Grandmother G. is up in Heaven with that great cloud of witnesses (Hebrews 12:1) watching you as you continue to run your race and she's excited for you! When you catch another fish she'll know it, and she will be happy for you. Nothing can stop love.
Patty Hough

Anonymous said...

Stacia: You are such a special and sweet young lady. You were a wonderful G'daughter to G'Ma G..... I know she totally loved you being in Crescent City and spending lots of time with her recently. You have lots of special memories. Love you 'sweets' and praying for you.

G'Ma T