Thursday, April 27, 2017

Destination Reached - RV Driving Tip

We continued our trek across Colorado....Sports Authority Field 

Today, we discovered a great RV tip for driving in traffic. See the red truck in front of us? He dodged to the right. That left us and our toad following the Class A and it's toad....we went this way for MILES - with all that space between one wanted to dart between the two of us. Which was beneficial as the rain picked up.

We arrived at Earl and Mary's (Michael's brother and wife) and set up camp in their driveway. The kids found it funny to see all our inflated bags of chips, cereal and yogurt containers.

We are going to enjoy watching Ingen and being out in the country for a bit of time. 

Destination reached! We'll be here a few days visiting with family, then move up to Denver and bury Mom G.

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