Friday, April 28, 2017

Manitou Springs

Years ago, Mom G, left home in CA and traveled to CO. She settled in Manitou Springs and eventually met Dad G. They made their home in the Springs for 10 - 15 years, and then moved back to CA.   The kids had heard Mom G talk about Manitou Springs and Garden of the Gods quite a bit in the past months. We visited the Garden and then took advantage of being close to Manitou and a spare hour to visit the town of Manitou Springs. 

This is a tourist town - good for window shopping, playing games at the Penny Arcade, and finding treats to enjoy. 

Michael first walked into Patsy's over 50 years ago. He didn't tell us that - but our noses sniffed out funnel cakes - and we happened to stop at just the right place. 

Funnel cakes are messy

The kids are collecting stretched pennies for souvenirs. We haven't seen a machine in a long time. This one took one of Alex's pennies and just stretched it - no new markings. It has become my "good luck penny." 

 Those familiar with Manitou know JUST what has caused Stacia's expression. Her first taste from the fountains of mineral water around Manitou. Mom G loved this stuff.

Alex, Stacia and Nolan at the fountain

We enjoyed our visit to Manitou Springs.  We made new family memories, even as we discussed old ones. One can drive up to the top of Pike's Peak from here - but we were ready to get back home. It was starting to snow.

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