Tuesday, April 25, 2017

My Mobile Workstation

On our first few road trips we talked how it would be nice to have a traveling desk. Dad G had made something similar for outside BBQ's. Mom G heard us discussing and gave us the lap desk. We tried it out. It had potential...but we quickly discovered the mouse (pens, mifi etc) would continually fall off the desk. Michael set about making a travel desk for me.
Desk NOT actually in use! ::wink:: 
It's quite large and pretty. He loves me well. He built a lip around it to keep things from sliding off . He envisioned me being able to work, blog, communicate and stream movies in comfort on travel days.

I discovered it worked for watching movies or while sitting outside. 

As we chug down the highway, I've discovered it works great for it's main purpose! Michael also put in a cup holder that fits my water bottle beside the front passenger seat. I'm traveling in comfort. 

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