Tuesday, April 04, 2017

Practically Perfect Day

Bre found herself scheduled for a four our Glucose Tolerance Test this morning. She needed a ride there and back and someone to play with Bella. I so love being nearby. I was, of course, thrilled to give her a ride AND play with Bella.  The test came back just fine, I spent four hours with Bella - win/win!  It seems I forgot to comb her hair - BUT - I was on a mission to get a photo of her four teeth. I may have succeeded there. We did get dressed, eat and play!

Bella learned early, when Gemma is around there are flashes and clicks! 
Gemma - why is that red thing attached to your face

Such a sweet smile

Her "Come, I want" signal. BTW I DID put the camera down and go to her!

Look VERY close - four teeth

  I'm grooming her to be a future guest blogger on Courageous Joy. This is HER laptop - a dead, repurposed one of Bre's. 

Bella conquers the laptop! 
 To top off the day we all met Bre at the theater! She remembered me taking them when the animated one came out.  Yes, I caught the "scene." I get it. However, the movie was magical. I was glad to see it with our oldest and youngest daughters. 
The tradition continues
The theme of transforming love resonated with ME. I saw the beast as a type of mankind - monster like, until coming into contact with Christ's transforming love. 

Michael and I especially loved them playing "our song." For YEARS any time Michael and I hugged or kissed, Alex and Stacia would sing "Beauty and the Beast." ::snort:: They were a bit embarrassed when we got romantic as they played our song.  Embarrassment happens. 

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