Tuesday, April 18, 2017

RVing Moments

That moment when one simultaneously wonders if Uchi will make like Noah's Ark - AND -  remembers Alex has walked up to the bathhouse. 😜

Two years ago, I LOVED the sound of rain on the roof of The Caboose. It reminded me of being a child and listening to rain on our tin roof in Liberia. Living in an RV one lives much closer to nature - even when stationary in a park for medical reasons.  When it storms -  it affects us.....some days the noise is deafening - but none of us have gone stark raving mad as of yet. I still love the rain on the roof of Uchi (the RV).

Note this is one reason *I* brave the small hot water tank and cramped confines to use our very own shower provided by Uchi. I suppose  big space costs! ::snort:: 

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