Thursday, May 04, 2017

Gherkins are Dropping From the Sky

Tomorrow, we bury Mom G at Fort Logan. Today, we picked up Gherkins at Denver International. Jamin will arrive late this evening.  JaRissa and BreZaak will not be able to make it. 
Michael, Cory, Cy, Krista, Arielle, Alex (back), Stacia, Nolan, Kent
 All were picked up, settled into the hotel and then went in search of dinner. We told Krista and Kent to pick a place. They didn't have a place in mind.....but when we asked what they miss that they can't get in Mexico, Kent immediately mentioned a cheeseburger. We headed for Red Robin. 
Waiting patiently for her Banzai Burger
 We are so grateful Kent drove up with Krista. 
Anticipating the cheeseburger? 
Arielle and Cory

 It's the only photo we got.....
 We laughed when the manager came out to thank us for trusting them to meet the needs of "such a large group." Krista said, "This isn't even the whole family." There may have been some discussion about the upcoming Alaskan Migration.
Alex, Nolan, Me, Michael, Kent, Krista, Cy, Stacia, Arielle, Cory 
 They headed to their hotel in Denver. We headed back to Buckley Fam Camp.  Cy will pick Jamin up at 9 p.m. and tomorrow we'll meet at Fort Logan National Cemetery. 

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