Wednesday, June 14, 2017

On to Fort Nelson, BC - Day 8 of AlCan Road Trip

Here it is! Our wheels finally begin rolling down the Alaskan Hwy. 
Good shot, Nolan. 
 We've had gorgeous traveling weather. We'll take a day of rain and overcast. At least the fog eventually lifted enough to see the mountains again.  We started late as Michael and the boys continued "messing with the brakes." 

If one has to stop for mechanical issues - this is a nice spot.....though one begins to realize how isolated the road can be. 😅🚐☁☂

 We've had quite a windshield wiper story. We bought the first set at Camper World and it was missing a part. We bought a new set in Colorado Springs and it was wrong somehow. We mailed them back to Colorado Springs. Michael ordered the right set with all the right parts and they arrived as we left Oregon.  They've worked, however, one of them blew off twice.

Along the route we saw a Black Bear and two falcons today.....well only Michael and Alex saw the Bear....Michael, myself and Nolan saw Falcons.

The end of the road for us, today, is Triple G Hideaway Campground. Another great stay.....this one even had a restaurant on hand. It was a bit spendy, but we didn't have to un-pack  and re-pack Nimo, it was close, we hadn't had lunch and were ready to eat and sleep.

We have Internet at Triple G's  (love the range extender when using RV Park Internet) and now have a solid offer on "a house," , and a home inspection scheduled for the day before we arrive in the Valley.

Several have told us not to miss Liard River Hot Springs. We're booked into the Provincial Park tomorrow night - hoping the rain lets up. We won't have a full hook-up or Internet - we expect comm black out until Friday afternoon/evening....

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