Thursday, June 15, 2017

On to Liard Hot Springs - Day 9 of our AlCan Road Trip

We've not had the connectivity to blog daily since 14 June.....and the blog is how I document "life." I tried to keep notes but after six days the driving begins to blur......but here is my attempt to chronicle our amazing road trip. The experience has been well-worth 5 or 6 days of being unplugged from phones and internet. 😁😛😊

We left Triple G Hideaway and began our drive through more gorgeous territory on our way to tonight's stop at Liard Hot Springs.

The highway signs said, "WATCH FOR BISON ON THE ROAD." We eagerly watched, and didn't see a single one. We did see: bear, hawks, falcons, mountain sheep and beaver dams. I've decided to do one post showcasing wildlife and mishaps, rather than add even more photos to the daily posts, which are already photo heavy. 

As we entered areas where we were told we'd see more wildlife, Michael suggested I take my camera from Alex. Alex was in the passenger seat of Uchi and was taking wonderful scenery shots.....but Nimo (Jeep) was able to stop quicker for photos, than the motorhome. I was trying to capture beauty with my cell phone.  I didn't want to take Alex's job from him. Michael suggested a stop about an hour in to the day's driving. He gave me HIS FANCY- SCHMANCY -VERY- HEAVY -Nikon D 610, with the full frame, MAMBO lens. He would flash blinkers to alert us to wildlife on either side of the road, we would stop, I would take photos with his camera. This worked well! Michael was in the lead AND is GREAT at spotting wildlife. I was a bit appalled at how close I can be to a bull moose or bear and not notice  until it was pointed out to me. I'll be working to improve on those skills. 😕

Roller Coaster Roads

Such a pretty drive

We hit our first unpaved sections today. 

We were happy to reach Liard Hot Springs Provincial park!!!! We DID fit in their site - 38 foot RV, pulling a 10 ft trailer, followed by a Jeep - all in one site. This is dry camping. There is a RV Park across the road with full hook ups.  We like State Parks and were happy to stay in one after so many nights in "RV Parks." 

We updated our travel map and realize where we need to travel next. ::snort::  
It's bothering me GREATLY that Alaska and Hawaii are stuck below TX
 Michael and the boys took the wheels off and got to business with the trailer brakes! This was the last night of brake work on the trip. 

Liard Hot Springs are lovely. This is a spot we certainly want to re-visit. They are the second largest natural springs in Canada. 

 Still smiling 9 days in! 

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