Saturday, July 22, 2017

Soldotna Sports Center

We've been in Alaska month! What a great way to celebrate.

The Fish and Game Warden told us to go to the Soldotna Sports Center. We would be able to park Uchi here, and there was a boardwalk down to the Lower Kenai river.  The fish will hit this spot BEFORE they hit the Russian.  There is a Centennial Campground, run by the city,  next to the sport's center - $26 a night; dry camping. We checked it out - but the campers in the overflow were so close together it looked miserable.  These young men were impressed with Uchi, "Nice rig!"  Note the disaster about to happen in front of us.

We went back to the Soldotna Sports Center.  RV's, tents, trailer were setting up all over. It's a friendly culture.  It's paved - and level.  it is also dry camping - but much more space. I think it was $21 a night; $8 for day use.
Must buy a dip net before next year
Many were dip-netting. Residents are allowed to this at the mouth of the Kenai. We explained we are "2nd class residents." We've been residents since 2013, but as we just retired from the military, we've not lived here 12 consecutive months. Therefore, we have to buy non-resident licences and are not allowed to dip net.  Next year.  We found a spot and claimed it....I made some dinner, Josiah met up with us....we were feeling hopeful.

Friends coming together parked in these formations - creating an inner "courtyard."  I guess the urge to fish hit in the midst of a move????? In reality, the U-haul was full of fishing gear.
Uchi and Cy's car

Walk around behind the building for a self-pay kiosk. 

The warnings made it a bit hard to relax and take care of business. 

After dinner the guys headed to the river. No ferries to pay. A beautiful boardwalk down to the river. Stacia was done with fishing and opted to hang out with Yuuki and I. We went for a nice walk and came back to Uchi to read and visit.

She's gotten much more relaxed since our arrival a month ago!



Michael, Alex, Nolan and Josiah 

The Boardwalk 

We saw several hauling their limits out of the river. However, within 20 minutes of the guys dropping a line, all were saying there was NOTHING. They didn't get a bite.

Josiah and Michael hit the river by 0500 the next morning, Saturday.   Around 0830 they called it quits. Neither had gotten one bite, no one else down there had either.

We decided to pull up chalks and head for Whittier. Jared and friends had gotten quite a few Pinks (Humpies) there last weekend. At this point we simply wanted the younger three to catch a salmon before they lost all interest in this Alaskan sport.  Jared and friends were in a boat - but we were hopeful.

This will be a spot to revisit and explore more when we hear the Reds are RUNNING.

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