Friday, July 28, 2017

#WYFF Fish, Friends & Uhaul Trailers

#WYFF Stacia and I made 3 trips to Eagle River and back.....6 jaunts on the Old Glenn Hwy in one day.  This convince me we will need to "plan our errands" now that we live out in the "country." The guys' feet were in the Kenai River.  

This is Cory's Dad's last day in Alaska. He wants to see the Kenai Peninsula. He'd like to watch some fishing. In prep for the day, Cory purchased his non-resident fishing license.  Michael and the boys went along. CORY CAUGHT HIS FIRST ALASKAN SOCKEYE - RED - SALMON! Alas, there are no photos of the momentous event. I was told they were all fishing - I guess there is a reason for me to go along sans license. 🐽 This, was the only fish legally brought in the rest of the day. 
Michael released idea how he was caught
Stacia and Julia (Rob and Dollie's daughter) have been texting. They asked if they could get together today. 0900 found Stacia and I  driving up the Old Glenn to meet Dollie and girls at JITTERS. ☕☕☕ Being in Jitters brought back memories of old friends, even as we nourished new friendships. 
Stacia and Julia scored their own table during the lull between breakfast and lunch
The girls simply hadn't had enough time when we Mom's were ready to move on from the coffee shop - the lunch rush was beginning. The only thing to do was bring Julia back to the RV. The girls seemed to enjoy themselves. I read and may have napped off.  Our second trip up the Glenn was to meet up with Dollie and send Julia home.  We drove by their soon to be home and will be 25-30 min away when we all get moved to our real homes. That beats the trip to base at 45 min. 

Stacia and I ran into 3 Bears and checked out the Kirkland supplies. We bought a cute little sleeper for Baby S, snacks and pizza for the night. We knew the men would be back late - when the sun went down. πŸ˜…πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜š A note - Stacia told me she continues to want to fish, "But not every free day." The pull of people was greater than the pull of the fish. 

As we pulled into the RV park we noted this in front of our trailers...and the incessant baying of Yuuki.

Josiah and Jamin are here with BreZaak's household goods. BreZaak family can't be far behind. The men  were ready to go home and rest. Our 3rd trip up the Glenn was to drive them home. 

We watched a movie, talked, and went to bed. The others got home around mid-night. 

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