Thursday, August 31, 2017

Tractors and Trenching

This is a pretty exciting day around our little home...the tractor arrived in Anchorage yesterday! CoRielle and Nolan drove in to pick it up.  I had lobbied for the biggest one, we got the second to biggest. Still bigger than our original plan - but I think we need it.  We had a ton of stuff going on today, and yet, the lawn needs mowing! 

I jumped on  - I wanted it to be pink - Michael vetoed
It has snow and mower blades - I volunteer to do mowing. 

A spot for a cell phone

Are you surprised I was ruthlessly removed from my perch? 

We have our very own big "O"....and that filled the bags

He said it was my turn

He had me get off again

Time for more instruction 


Sorta looks like these guys are shadowing me 

 Nolan and Alex finished the yard. I'm so relieved to have this done! 
 They went back and forth with the clippings

 Not only did we get the tractor, today was PUSH day for the RV project. They built a box and a frame, trenched some ground, inserted a macerator pump and some pvc pipe. We now have a drain for gray water and such. RVers can visit us and stay in comfort.  We so appreciate Travis and Cat staying extra days in Alaska so Travis could guide this project.

Wrapping pipe - and dreaming of epic sword fights
Jamin came out & we put him to work! 

Arielle watches from her perch....she's been busy with college classes 

We broke for dinner - today we had BreZaak, CoRielle, Travis and Jamin. A funny thing happened with dinner. It seemed like a great day for chili and cornbread. I bought what I thought was cornmeal at the store. Heated my cast iron, melted butter till it sizzled, went to pour in the was WHITE. I had purchased corn tortilla mix. Ah well - it tasted o.k. 

The work continued after dinner. Blisters happened. 

This was a major project. We needed it done before winter and we are going to make it. The guys still want to build a lid and add more insulation, but the end is in sight.

We appear to have crop circles in our yard

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