Thursday, September 21, 2017

Happy Fall

Fall has been in our part of Alaska since mid-August, but it's officially here now!  The Chimney Doctor came out to discuss installing Michael's Craig's List Score. He suggested we move it over further than we wanted. Michael is looking at building up a brick wall so the stove isn't so close to where the kids run.....but it will all come together. 

Later, while Michael organized in the garage, I was motivated to get out some fall decor. We downsized, and we are committed to living simply even now in a "real"  home.  I haven't missed decor terrible, as we have lots of color around us and no real need for me to buy fake color. LOL  Truthfully, I have wanted to buy a bit more and a hay bale....but I am not sure how long it will be until snow comes. Have you voted in our contest? 

I set about hanging flags tonight.  The flagpole from the RV wouldn't work with the holder on the house.  Michael cut down a broom handle for me to hang that flag. Alex and I set about pounding the stake from the RV flagpole into the ground up by the road.   He pounded the metal pole in and then we discovered he'd smashed it out and the plastic sleeve wouldn't fit over it. We were going to turn it over and do it again - but Michael ground it back into shape. 

Armed with new resolve, and piece of wood to buffer the blows,// we set out again! We had a lot of fun.

  Um? Can you see by his thumb? The pole has come through the wood. We couldn't get the wood off. I was about to call for Michael again, when Alex came up with a solution. 

::snort:: I love this kid. He slid the wood down the metal pole and put the plastic sleeve on top of it. He said it will give it extra stability in the wind. He may be right.  

I've been dreading the trees losing all their leaves. I know when they are gone, we'll be able to see the neighbor's lights and houses. I like being in our little alcove. Today, I realized, as the leaves disappear, new mountains may appear. LOL 

Yep - they're dropping them. 

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