Sunday, October 15, 2017

Sunday Dinner, Devo and Prayer

We up to teeny, tiny, perfectly round snow flakes flying around in the air. None of them seemed to land, so we won't count it as the first snow.  We're wondering who will win the snow guessing contest.  It is noticeably colder today. 

The highlight of the day is when everyone gathered from dinner, a devotional and prayer. Josiah and Jamin were able to make it out this week. 

He's won Bella over

Jamin, Bella, Bre, Izaak
Alex and Josiah
Cory share the word today as we continue to work through the book of Philemon 
Michael, Cory, Arielle
I continue to look for easy meals to serve a big group.....What do you feed a crowd? We've had roast and all the go withs, meatballs, potato bar, pasta, tacos and cobbler today.

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