Wednesday, November 08, 2017

Snowy Day

 These two stay warm and cozy inside - the snow isn't bothering them! It's fun to watch their personalities develop. Bella loves reading to Gideon.....

More snow....they got more in Anchorage and Eagle River - but I'm sure we met with the snow with more zeal. LOL 

The power company stopped by to say these trees were planted 5 feet to close to the power lines. They will be by in a day or two to take 3 feet off the top of the two biggest ones. WE  will plant another row 7-10 feet closer to the house....and they will be back in the next cycle and will take all the trees out. Ugh.  I had thought we would just begin using the trees for Christmas Trees....but they are TALL!  We are going to transplant a couple of the smaller ones....and then we'd like to plant new trees every year - and harvest our own each year.

We've talked to Lowes and Home Depot and they say they don't get blue spruce in at Christmas time. They get potted pines....but they can't survive the winter! WHAT???? Our plan was to buy a mid-sized spruce, use it and then plant it in the spring.....from looking around our place we can tell the spruce will do just fine here.  We may not get to use a live tree this year.....just go in the woods and cut one....

Since the weather is dipping into single digits - it's now winter. LOL

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