Sunday, November 05, 2017

We Ate All Day

I believe this is the last post I will label "Alaskan Fall." I KNOW it is fall according to the calendars...HOWEVER...when I see snow on the ground, high temps in the 20's and predictions of high temps at 18, 11 and 9* - I call it winter.

We woke Sunday morning to snow. It was beautiful. We were warm and cozy both at church and here at home. There still isn't a LOT of snow. We'd like another good dump so we can play in it.

It's official - the weather is crazy up here. In one week we've had sun, fog, frost and snow! We are thrilled there has been NO RAIN. ::snort::
 There are big windows at church through which one can see the mountains which surround the church. They were beautiful this morning.

Today was our first potluck at  Matanuska AG. We enjoyed the chance to chat with  more people than a Sunday morning accommodates.

We got home a couple of hours before the kids arrived for our weekly extended family dinner.  Stacia suggested we use Gma Jan's fancy goblets for dinner - so we did. It was a good solution. I don't have enough "normal" glasses for the family and we've been using disposable. This was nice.  I was glad we'd chosen a quick meal to throw together. I made two salads when prepping for the potluck. We steamed rice and made a pan of BBQ meatballs, Marinara meatballs and plain meatballs. I had made mousse ahead of time too - it was a deadly hit. Far too rich for the portions I had set out.

It's always fun to relax together at the start of a new week. 
Bella and Uncle Cory 
 Nolan handled the devotional part of our night this week. He did a great job. He was a natural!

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