Saturday, November 04, 2017

How a Non TV Family Ended up with a BIG Screen TV

Our day went a bit catty-wampus. We have been considering our entertainment options since we moved into the house.  We had thought we'd use the family room as a family room - but it's really  more of CoRielle's living room. We don't want to be down there waking up baby S with our games and movies. We were looking ahead to Mom and Dad living in the basement apartment - or renting it out as the case may we decided it was wise to put our "stuff" upstairs from the beginning.

We really have no wall big enough upstairs for our previous movie screen which is 8ft 6 in x 6 ft 2 in.  We researched a pull down screen. We've been unimpressed with the hours of life in the projectors we've purchased. We tend to replace them (or wish we could) about once a year.

However, we've not had a TV in our living room for over 32 years. We've never had cable.  When we considered the prices a flat screen TV was cheaper.....and is rated with 100,000 hours of use as opposed to the average of 5,000 hours for the projects we were researching.

In the end we decided we'd get a TV, not get cable, and treat the TV as a  screen for our movies/Tim Hawkins and Wii. Of course, they tried to sell us the newest X box which has a 4k player on it. Nope.  I got cold feet when Michael looked at the biggest screen which will fit on the wall. We shelved the purchase.

Two things happened to convince me it was a good thing to do....1. Michael shared he wanted the big TV because his vision is getting bad...and we heard this can be Parkinsons related.... 2. It was on sale. ::wink::  It's always about principles vs rules in our home and our principles will remain in place. LOL

To make this happen Michael had to find Jamin at a shooting range and trade vehicles. Then he drove in to Anchorage, purchased it, drove back to the valley and dropped off the TV, and then back to Eagle River to switch cars again.

Meanwhile, we enjoyed the view as the fog finally lifted in our part of the valley. 

They made it back with  a TV in tow...

I desperately needed to go grocery shopping. It was dark and late when we left to go across town to Walmart. I couldn't put it off as Sunday will bring a potluck and an extended family dinner.  When we made it home, I baked a dessert for each of  Sunday's events and headed to bed.

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