Saturday, February 11, 2017

We LIKE Traveling

We discovered something delightfully quirky about the five of us! We LOVE to be on the road. It doesn't matter if it's another quick run down to Crescent City or all the way to TX - we like being in the motorhome and we like traveling! It feels more like being "HOME," than being stationary in a stick and brick hosue. LOL 

I'm not sure of the timing of this photo - but I know it's in Canyonville, OR. Michael is taking advantage of a quick pit stop to finish Mom G's obituary and get it sent off to the Triplicate. 

We are thankful for Joe, one of Mom G's neighbors. Joe has a graveled parking area and has installed a full hook up RV spot.  He has given us an open invitation to park here and it has proven to be very convenient these past days.

We arrived this time on Alex's birthday. There was just enough sunlight and dry weather to take a quick hike up the road into the redwoods.

I'm not sure how we'd missed this. Do you see it? A nativity! 

Nothing compares you to be in your childhood home without your parents. It's surreal. It feels lonely. It certainly goes in the "bittersweet" category of life events.

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