Monday, August 14, 2017

Monday - Much More Relaxed than LAST Monday

In my wildest imaginations, I did not think we'd still be unpacking, hanging photos and clearing a garage mid-August.  Funny how we rushed to be here to close the end of June. God has a sense of humor and uncanny timing. I do believe THIS was the best house for us.

In any event, with the school year starting up here TODAY...and us still surrounded by boxes, we'll be getting a late start....BUT I need to find a balance between settling in and carrying on with routines.

WEDNESDAY is Stacia's birthday - the day we count down more eagerly than Christmas. 😉 Even with our later than we thought closing date, we'd hoped to have things settled by her birthday. Today, I decided to take the day off and go shop for groceries (we'll have company this week), shop for a birthday, get my lab work done (it was due a week ago but I couldn't get away), visit the post office and we had to visit Fred Meyers for a few items that Walmart didn't have.

While Maria and I did this running, Michael and the boys painted the entry way. I think this ends the painting....all is fresh except a couple of rooms that weren't bad and a couple of closets that ARE BAD but I'll keep the doors closed until next spring. 😆
Nolan - it's quite high 


It was good for me to leave as the ladder came out. I.don' 🙈

First cup of fresh mint tea from my plants. Cobie introduced me to this delicacy last month. 

I miss some things about living in the RV - but I LOVE a bigger oven. 

Yes, the dinner bell still works. 

The kids played the Hobbit Adventure Board game. Stacia called it promptly at 9 p.m. They are trying to be quiet as CoRielle's room is below our table. 

What a perfect little visitor to end the day....he's nearly 3 months old now. 
Gideon Michael 
Today's photo of the mountain....


Anonymous said...

I forgot to mention this a few day ago when you had pictures of just the back mountain.

FACE is a plain as day to me. even looks a little familiar. :) :) :))

beautiful views all around. l/p mom t.

Anonymous said...

I showed said mountain to my niece. she saw the upside down face like I did. face reminds me of Abraham Lincoln. BUT NO, my niece went further up the mountain and saw a body with large boobs. :) :) :) :) Now we can all enjoy the mountain view. :) mom t