Wednesday, January 03, 2018

After the Heat comes SNOW!

We've had really warm days....and our yard was muddy and icy. It was ugly. We got up this morning to go to Michael's Estim therapy and our driveway was an ICE RINK. Krista is desperately hoping for some SNOW on her vacation with us - not 49* weather.

The drive to therapy was gorgeous!  

It began to snow while we were out.....I never tire of this drive....I love the mountains barely visible. 

Proof that Crocs are all-weather shoes!

Our yard is a winter wonderland again

Krista and Stacia getting ready to try out the sledding run 

Picture of a happy beagle

Meanwhile, Michael is content in his chair, with his grandson
Gramps and Benny Bear
  Mom loved photos of the swing and this tree. She wanted me to take them in all seasons....

It snowed throughout the night. 

Cory spent the a.m. shoveling the driveway....

There was a team of shovelers....

While Stacia, Arielle and Krista enjoyed a snowball fight

The start of my sauna....I dream of my little sauna in the woods. LOL 

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