Thursday, February 08, 2018

Homestead Club

This month's Homestead Club at IDEA is destined to be our favorite. The club is turning out to be more info for parents, than fun for children. I was concerned about this, but we were told not to worry about it. This month, Denise, our speaker presented a workshop on "Sustaining a family on a 1/4 acre." It was full of great info for parents....AND fun for kids. 

Kelly brought a goat, talked about her and milked her for us. She blew up gloves and let us get a feel for the technique. 

Denise introduced us to one of her chickens as well. These gals get the daily scraps from a local school as well as their other food.  Next month Mr. Steve Brown from the Cooperative Exchange Service of UA - Fairbanks will be our presenter. I look forward to hearing more about the best practices for carrying for seems they are in my future.  I've read a zillion books this month about care and coops and such....time to put some of it to practice. 

I wish all of our workshops could be a bit of hands on AND informational....Talia and I are doing the last one on making bread and butter. It will be almost totally hands on.  Even though I feel it's not been "fun" for the younger ones - I do know there has been a ton of really good info given out.

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