Thursday, February 08, 2018

Nolan's Birthday

It's birthday month in our home. The male Gherkins chose Jan and Feb to be born. The Females chose summer. This month we will have four birthdays and two anniversaries to celebrate! 

Tonight, the five of us, enjoyed a quiet dinner and Nolan's gifts.  We will have a big birthday celebration on an upcoming Sunday night. 

We went ahead and gave Alex his sled too....

 There's a funny story about these candles.....I INTENDED to buy and save candles for Michael's birthday in November. I'd have enough candles for all the birthdays this year. I'm notorious for not having the candles. We got ready to light Nolan's cake and realized, at the last moment Michael insisted it would be cheaper and less of a fire hazard (yes he DID say that) to buy the numbers 5 and 7 for him than 60 candles. So.....we are all turning 57 or 75 this year until I remember to buy candles.

Nolan is nearing the end of  his senior year. He is considering his options. At this point he is leaning heaviest towards a degree in business - that seems to match his skill and spiritual gift set. He isn't sure if he'll attend a campus out here, in Anchorage, Fairbanks or possibly do the first year online through UA - Fairbanks. 

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