Friday, February 09, 2018


Happy Birthday to Josiah! We love the man Josiah is - he blesses us all.

FRIDAY! We love Fridays, but this Friday we looked forward to this Friday for a special reason. Today, we met Kristine, a long time online friend and fellow chaplain's wife. She and her family are here for JBER (Elmendorf). She has chickens! Unfortunately, I didn't take a single photo. You'll have to take my word this meeting took place. I came away thinking I could do this chicken thing. 

But - before chickens - we had Michael's therapy. Stacia wanted to see the chickens, so she came with us to therapy. We didn't think she'd enjoy watching the electrifying therapy - she and I sat out in the waiting area. School on the road. 

We stopped by Beach Lake on our way home from seeing chickens. Josiah has been ice fishing here and we wanted to see for ourselves. It was a nice stop.

Thick Ice 
 Back at home the kids enjoyed sledding....

It's the MOOSE TIME of the year! We haven't seen this many moose since last fall. 

Nolan and I threw together some chocolate, peanut popcorn for our movie time. I do enjoy my walk out cooler. So thankful Michael insisted a deck be built off the dining room before we purchased the house.  

Yes, the rockers ARE on their sides. They get to rocking and moving to much if they are upright. I would put them in the garage for the winter - but the garage currently holds the things of three households and is full.

Hmmmm.....just realized I haven't done #WYFF in 2018.....

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