Saturday, February 10, 2018

Mom's 1st Birthday in Heaven

The 10th came and went without a lot of hubbub. It was Mom's first birthday in heaven. It's the first time  Josiah (whose birthday is the 9th)  did not heard from her on  his birthday reminding him they really share a birthday. It seems we were "on the wrong side of the dateline," when he was born.

I was determined NOT to be in the funk I was in on my birthday on the 10th.  I took a meal to an older woman in our church who had had surgery on Mom's birthday.  It was good to focus on the needs of another on Mom's day. It was good to remember how so many said she loved them well during her life. I try to be the type of person who thinks of, and loves others, even on the hard days. It was fun to get to know Ms. Bonnie a bit better outside of church. I am convinced we are all blessed by inter-generational relationships and am thrilled at the opportunities for this in our civilian church.  It turns out  God has put me on Bonnie's heart and she has been praying for me since I left to be with Mom in December.

I'm well. Most days are good. Some days are melancholy. I still have quite a few secret tears, but they aren't quite so unpredictable these days.  It seems I will not make it through "Bless the Lord oh My Soul" - sung at her funeral -  or "Endless Hallelujah" without tears for many moons. ::grin:: The tears are predictable, the truths are foundational and soul strengthening.

It's been a blessing to communicate more with Dad. He had been content before to allow Mom to communicate and share knowledge that way while she was here.

We do not grieve as those without hope, and for that I am so very thankful.
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