Monday, February 19, 2018

Yuuki's the dog - and other blessings

It was a day of blessings, mixed with the routine.

The moose came around to say good morning. 
How many do you spot? 
Cory had our car and drive shoveled when we stepped out to leave in the  morning. I remembered I could take HOT TEA with me for the drive (more fitting than a smoothie).  We enjoyed our visit with Michael's therapist - at some point we will discontinue our visits and we'll  miss her.

After therapy we visited a couple from church. We are in a season when we are both missing our parents - it was good to visit with an older couple. Barney reminds us much of Dad G, he even volunteers at prisons. Michael and Barney worked in the wood shop. Michael took his $10 seed and is making some  pretty butcher block coasters.  Judy and I had a good visit before she set me in a recliner with some good books and ran to volunteer at a local pregnancy center.

We made it through grocery shopping in RECORD TIME and were home by 4:30 to watch Bella and Gideon while BreZaak went out to celebrate their 4th anniversary (Feb 14th). We left Barney at a bit after 3 p.m. and they live "way out" on the other side of the next town.
I love a man who reads. LOL 
 Stacia and I sold another dozen BIG cookies for our Seed project
Bella got very excited when she saw the chocolate chips

The most alarming, which is now FUNNY to look back on, thing to happen during the day involves Yuuki. Moose don't like dogs. Moose will kill dogs with a swift kick, if the dogs harass them. Yuuki hasn't taken any notice of moose all these months. CoRielle saw 4 moose up the road as they came home. He told us they were coming. I got the camera. One is a bull who has lost his antlers...didn't know that happened.  They were calm and enjoying the yard, I set up for video.  There was new snow on the deck. I was barefoot. I was perching on the doorjamb, spread legged so Bella wouldn't run out....and Yuuki noticed the moose. She howled. I turned off the camera.

Yuuki charged out the door and down the steps. I yelled for her to come back, the moose startled and began running. Yuuki continued howling, ran between my legs,  and chased them.

"She's going to get herself killed this time!"

Family gathered. Alex ran out the door - coatless and shoeless - and tracked down Yuuki. It was funny to watch our lethargic old lady find the energy for a hunt. Snow flew...then she hit a dip and was buried and stuck up to her nose - still howling.

Thank God the moose didn't turn around and charge either of them. Michael said if she does this again she's on our own....but for tonight Yuuki is safe. She seems to be strutting.

"I'm the dog! Did you SEE ME run off that 1500 lb bull?"

Alex  warmed his feet at the fire. All is well.

I will not film in the doorway again. I'll commit to be outside, with the door shut, or film through the glass.

And in that vein....Can you spot the moose below? We're learning to keep our eyes open for shadows in the woods - within minutes they are usually out in the open.

Arielle posted this photo - you can clearly see one was a bull....he's lost his antlers. I'd love to find some antlers....they would be great on the little guest house I'm dreaming of.....

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