Monday, March 26, 2018

Mondays are for Dying Eggs

Stacia and I got to dye Easter eggs with The D family today. Welllll, Stacia dyed eggs - I am the official family photographer! LOL  How fun to be here for Bella's first Easter Egg Dying event. It's a blessing!  

Waiting for eggs to Boil - Gideon isn't quite sure what the excitement is about. 

Stacia told me she'd never dyed eggs. Of course, she also said, "WHY?"  I guess she didn't miss it, but we had her do a few eggs anyway. I've offered to rectify this lapse of parenting, but they don't seem to care. By the time the younger four were on the scene we were down to either shrink wrap sleeves, or candy-filled plastic eggs.  They do remember Resurrection Eggs and the Lenten wreath.  I was happy she got to do this today. 
Coloring on eggs - hmmmm.

Oh, cuuuute! 
 Bella discusses technique with Bre and Izaak. 

Poor darling, yep, that's about how I feel when dying eggs. LOL 
I love this photo! 

Bella's first egg. 

Izaak did some cool gel dye. 

Stacia made some with dye and rice...they were cool! 

A beautiful bunch of eggs. 

Gideon knows it's time to make a break for it! 

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