Sunday, April 15, 2018

I LOVE our Church

I love our church! Krista brought goats in today. They were out in the truck during church, but she brought them in for us to see them and love them. They are SO cute! 

So sweet - not this year. It's all a process...we'll establish chickens and a garden this year. We'll build on that next year and consider adding new things....

This evening the MAG women had a Game Night Gathering at Elise's. Elise is a fun hostess and we had a great evening relaxing together. 

I drove Ms Bonnie (below). Imagine the fun we had when we discovered her daughter is looking at buying the VERY HOUSE we put an offer on in May 2017!  They've dropped the price and done the repairs they refused to do for us, and this is fine. We are happy here on the this town.... we found this church....and THEY  have 7 or 8 boys and will love all the space.  God is always in the details. 

New church, new friends, new adventures - we are in a wonderful season.

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