Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Projects Continue

Helga (the white hen) turns out to be Heinrich.....we discover in a few weeks. 

Our first wildflowers! 

We found this little evergreen. Nolan and I transplanted it to the front. Building that privacy fence. 

I found my rain boots - which are my garden (manure) and chicken boots now. The only problem being the chickens LOVE to peck at the PINK dots. 

Stacia and I pulled weeds, hauled dirt and planted sunflowers here and there and everywhere. 

This seems to be the sweet spot for the woods...they are green enough to provide privacy from the road and neighbors....but not so green that they are over-powering. LOL 
The moose have been eating these trees. We haven't seen them for a bit of time, but they're here. We really hope Mama moose does not have her baby in our yard. We have things to do.

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