Wednesday, July 04, 2018

4th of July

I admit to wondering if the projects here at "Wibbly Wobbly Acres," will EVER be done. I suspect not. If one wants to live as sustainable as possible, one must put forth a bit of effort. ::snort::

The 4th was a beautiful day! We planned to work on the greenhouse project...Cory had to work....Izaak planned to work at their house and then come help here. 

FIRST - we "welcomed" a couple unexpected guests. When we were playing Disc Golf on Sunday - Cy discovered the moose was Mama Moose and there was a tiny baby with her. They were content to stay in the woods, we were content not to play disc golf until they moved along. Today, they decided to claim the rest of the yard.

Woot! Look at the greenhouse. 

Look at all the cotton. I'm becoming less a fan of cottonwood all the time. One of our neighbors had a shop vac outside and was vacuuming his yard. We laughed. Now, I'm thinking of doing the same. 

Stacia made this yummy, from scratch, 4th of July Cake. 

Izaak purchased and then grilled chickens and steaks.

I told them to do something "sisterly." 

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