Tuesday, July 03, 2018

The Day Before the 4th

The day before a holiday. Our  plan was to finish raising the greenhouse walls and roof....but Michael had a crown come loose last night. He called the VA and they said to bring it in to the clinic and they would glue it back.  Since I don't go into his dental appointments, and it was in Anchorage, we decided I would stay home and continue working on my list. They ended up sending him for an afternoon appointment at a civilian dentist. He had a root canal. OUCH. He goes back next week to get the temporary crown replaced. He enjoyed catching lunch with Josiah while in town, stopped by a mechanic and did some other research while waiting for his appointments. 

It is becoming my habit to bake a couple of loaves of bread in the a.m. This allows me to get a loaf into the freezer a few times a week. Today, I experimented with a french bread recipe....it worked. (We ate them on the 4th and the were yummy). The oven gremlins raided the garlic pull aparts...by the time dinner arrived 1/2 the pan was missing. 

We have lilacs under the living room windows. They are in full bloom and the smell is heavenly.  I am going to dry some blooms and see if I capture the smell for winter. LOL 

The boys worked on the greenhouse as they could. Arielle took Benny out for some fun in the sun. Bre brought Gideon and Bella after their naps.  It hit 82* today - that is plenty warm in a home without an air conditioner.

Stacia made this wonderful flag cake for tomorrow. 

If you'd like to see and hear glimpes from the day...click below. 

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