Friday, November 02, 2018

Are You Ready for Some BUNCO?????

We were introduced to Bunco in an informal young marrieds group at the church we attended while Michael was in seminary. Wayne and Sherry hosted the group in their home each month. They'd put a sign-up sheet up at church, and when the sheet was full - the list was closed for the month. We'd share food, play games and then exchange White Elephant Gifts. The game is such that one is always changing partners, thus, the opportunity is there to talk to a lot of folks in a non-threatening environment. 

One fond memory were the few items that were sure to be returned month after month for the gift exchange. It was a challenge to remember who had picked "it" the month before, and to see if they could sneak it back in with the other gifts. 

We have hosted bunco nights at various chapels and in our home. It's always enjoyable to fellowship in a different setting with your Sunday Morning group.  Michael has been wanting to have a bunco party at our house, he talked to Pastor, it was announced and tonight we had our first Bunco party for THIS time around in Alaska.   

I love that many ages can play the same game. We had youth, college age, young adults, singles, married, seasoned citizens - all having fun together. 

Serious business. 

Ms. Bonnie scores a Bunco! 

The funniest comment of the night came from one of our guys. "I heard bunco was a woman's game, so I wore my skinny jeans." ::snort:: Maybe you have to know John to hear how funny the comment is.

Most had a good time, several asked if we were going to do it monthly. I'm not sure we'll do it monthly - but we hope to do it often enough to become a "bunco group."

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