Monday, December 31, 2018

7th Day of Christmas - Make-up!

Our girls are allowed to wear make-up when they turn 13. If they don't ask, we don't push it. Knowing this fact of Gherkin life, Krista and Maria gave Stacia a selection of make-up for her birthday this year. I asked her on her birthday if she wanted to learn how to apply the make-up. She didn't.

She HAS been asking lately. Krista knew it was my goal to "make it happen." She reminded me. Yay! Today, we gave Stacia her first lesson.

Our first discovery is the foundation is too light. We'll pick up a shade darker.  

All done. Very subtle and natural...but it's there. 
Note how much taller baby sister is. ::snort:: 
She's ready for our New Year's Eve celebration. It was fun Krista was home to share in the moment.

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