Sunday, December 30, 2018

6th Day of Christmas - Church, Dinner, Shopping and Projects

I now know have an idea what the "mighty rushing wind," may have sounded like in Acts 2.   The wind outside was spectacular, but the sound of big loads of snow, rushing off metal roofing, and landing on the ground is powerful.

On the 6th day of Christmas - we got to go to church!  Here's a shot before many folks arrived. Michael looked outside this morning and said if he wasn't preaching he didn't think we'd go. It turns out the roads were not bad - once we got out of our driveway. LOL

 Today's Scavenger Christmas Gift:

We did just that after church. 

Nolan, Stacia and I ran to Freddies. Michael and Krista went on home. At Freddies, we bought a few things for tomorrow night's dinner. It appears  Amazon "Prime" means little at Christmas time if you live in Alaska. I ordered quite a bit ago, and didn't check the option for 2 day shipping. I have Prime. It's supposed to be 2 day shipping.  They didn't even process the order until Dec 27th. I'll have to remember this next year. The Grandblessings gifts will not arrive by New Year's Eve....I bought them each another gift so they'd have something to open.

Michael and Alex shoveled the driveway and brought in wood. Krista made a ton of munchies for tomorrow night.

We wrapped up in blankets and watched Woodlawn. Stacia isn't happy about having to rip out seams, but she is nearing the end of her big project. She'll have it done before the gift exchange.

I decided my project will be one of the Scavenger Hunt Gifts - giving me a few more days to finish. I'm sneaky that way.

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