Thursday, December 20, 2018

Benny Does Yoga....

The girls decided to do yoga in the basement. Arielle and Stacia have been doing this for a couple of weeks. Benny likes to join them. He's pretty good at down dog. 

Auntie K and Benny

Yoga's hard work 
A lot of snow, combined with cold temps, have kept the chickens coop-bound. We figured they were getting coop fever. Krista told us it "felt like -3*" outside...but Alex was game to help. 

 We opened the chicken door, but they were having none of it! 

We shoveled a space for them in the chicken yard.  I thought their feet were cold, so I put shavings down too. They loved getting outside....or maybe they just loved the scratch and grubs. I'm thinking of ways to modify the chicken palace and yard before next winter.

Rosie is well-suited for Alaskan winters. She's gotten quite fluffy and has feathers down her legs and on her feet. She also has no comb to get frostbitten. They're all doing well. No frostbite. 

Yuuki is glad she's not a chicken. She's content to lay in front of the wood stove. 

Come to think of it, the humans were content to sit near the stove too. I picked up quite a few books at the library for Krista and Stacia and they passed a happy day. Alex played video games. 

Hmmmm......this is the moment little man realized Granna's rice cakes aren't plain. This one had a bit of almond butter and all fruit (no sugar). He took a small bite, then grabbed the rice cake out of my hand and shoved the ENTIRE thing into his little mouth. 

Salmon for dinner - Life Group after wards....and ending the night with Farkle...Life's Good. 

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