Saturday, December 22, 2018

Ice Fishing - Mirror Lake

Josiah (#1 son) serves as our advanced scout for all things fishing. He's been telling the rest of the family tales of limiting on land locked King Salmon at Mirror Lake.  Today, he, Jamin, Izaak, Michael, Alex and Krista went ice fishing.  (The rest of the family's activities will be in a blog to follow).

This was Alex and Krista's first time ice fishing.

Josiah, Izaak, Michael, Alex
 Alex (#5 son) & Josiah drill a hole with the ice auger

Michael is happy to try the fishing hole out for everyone. 

Yep, they're biting today. 

Izaak and I planned to smoke and can fish.....I didn't get to it today - maybe he did. Our 15 are in the freezer. 

Krista's first catch of the day 

He followed the rules
Everyone caught their limit and were home with lots of time to continue to play at home.  Stacia heard we had 15 king salmon that Dad and Alex were cleaning. She wasn't very impressed when she saw these fabled kings...."THOSE are Kings?" ::snort::

We'll get some real Kings yet. We plan to stay in Alaska a nice, long time. No need to rush all the adventures.

I used to take the older ones to Mirror Lake for the afternoon. I've not been back since we moved up here, but I know it's fun for the kids to revisit as adults. Krista had a good time trying something new, getting out in Alaska, and meeting up with Josiah - her first chance since arriving this week.

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