Saturday, July 14, 2018

Busy Sunday

After church we ran over to a friends and looked at all his dip-netting gear. We are so blessed. He is letting us take whatever we want to use on our trip.

 We grabbed lunch.

 The boots I bought for our waders yesterday didn't fit. We ran to Fred Myers and bought new boots and a few other things.

Jared and Larissa sent us a picture of themselves sitting in our living room. ::snort:: We headed home.

Mama Moose came walking through the yard with baby moose. I was happy Dad got to see them.

We visited awhile and then the guys went out to play a round of disc golf. Larissa, Stacia and I made breakfast burritos. Arielle came up and helped too.

When everyone went home, we got busy packing things into the RV and preparing for tomorrow's adventure.

You can hear and watch the fun by clicking the link below.