Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Moose at Play

On a day when "nothing happens" - there are always the moose. The moose, in themselves, are an adventure. Without further ado, moose at play.

One must be alert and aware when walking in our wooded area. 
One Moose

Two Moose
Do you see me by the fire pit? 
How nice of you to build a wind block! 

Do you see me taunting you in the garden plot? I'll be back. 
I liked it better when you had cabbage and corn out here. 

This one worked her way around to the front. To our newly planted "orchard." This is the closest one has come to discovering our tiny trees.
Hmmm.....what do we have here? Fences yield the best munchies.

Which is my best side? This? 
Talking smack! 

Or this? 

*Note - absolutely no moose were harmed, teased or taunted in any way during this photo shoot. They come to our yard, we stay on the porch or in the nook and capture their images. There are the times they surprise me while I'm in the coop - but that's THEIR bad - not mine. LOL 

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