Wednesday, January 09, 2019

Our Pet Moose

Alaska has to be one of the few places left where one can be sitting at the table, discussing ministry plans, and BAMMO! A moose comes to visit.   We've had moose since we moved in in Aug 2017.   Mama moose and her baby entertained us all summer/fall.....this is not Mama moose. 

THIS one, however, IS special. She's our PET MOOSE! Note her collar. She is being tracked by the Fish and Wildlife Dept. She has made our yard her home base for well over a year. She even poses nicely for photos after all this time. 

Yes, we realize she is a wild animal and we don't go near her, put out food for her, or let Yuuki go near her......she looks so much like a pet with her collar that we joke about her.

There are usually one or two more in the yard when she shows up. This was from the 7th.....she and another. Today, there were two younger ones on the other side of our house.

We do love Alaska. 

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