Saturday, January 19, 2019

While I Was Sipping Tea.....

Josiah, Michael, Alex and Stacia went ICE FISHING again. Josiah continues to add to his ice fishing gear. Mike and Alex had new ice fishing poles to try out. Much easier to deal with than the longer poles......
Inside the tent - I love the heater. 
Josiah bought a tent! The tent sits over the holes they augured out (see above), a heater is inside the tent with them, and instead of -18* they enjoyed about 50* temps.  This is a piece of equipment I've been politicking for. I can't wait to go out with them.  The talk about future gear includes another tent (only 2 holes fit inside this one without chance of mishap), a cargo sled,  or a gas-powered auger.  I told them we need to buy a cabin on a lake and put up a hard sided shed over the ice holes. LOL
Josiah and Alex sport Alaskan beards

A word about Alaskan beards. My men tell me that it is very nice NOT to have to shave in the winter. Their beards provide an extra layer of protection when the temps are below 0. I do feel bad for those in our midst who have to shave daily due to times Cory and Izaak, I think.

There's ALWAYS a photo bomber in the midst

Stacia really liked the tent for fishing. We've discovered she likes to fish, but she doesn't want to TOUCH her fish. What's with THAT? Ah, well, when she goes, we get 5 extra fish. LOL

They were warm enough to begin shedding winter gear. 
Alex likes fishing without the gloves

We were hoping for 5lb Arctic Char ...but continue to get Kokanee Salmon/Trout.  Michael and Cy both hooked some, but they got away. They say you can tell the difference.  

When I hooked a Kokanee, it was like, "Oh, you got me." And, I reeled it through the ice. 

They report the Arctic Char are more like, "Oh, no you DON'T." They drug out line and then got away. 
Can he bring Moby Dick through the ice? 

The one drawback I can see in a tent - is the lack of amazing Alaskan scenery photos. 

They came home and cleaned and filleted fish. I brined them. Michael smoked them for an hour or so. I canned them, and they are ready to go for "tuna salad" or such in the near future.

There is talk of going out again on Monday and trying for Arctic Char. I'll let you know.

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