Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Have Passport Will Travel?

The house is QUIET with three people out of town! Wow.

Dad and I made another trip to the post office - this time with an appointment. His passport application is on it's way to PA! Have passport, will travel? He is happy to think he has it for another 10 years.  The last time he'd renewed it was in Manila.

Nolan got home from work a bit early.

We all took naps.  I have discovered a new joy! Reading outside at midnight. A habit which evidently leads to afternoon naps.

I woke up in time to prepare dinner and have a water fight with Benny. 

The three of us played Farkle after dinner. The games are much quicker. LOL They are really fast if one rolls like this - I've never seen a roll like this. 3,000 points and Nolan for the win!

Dad and Nolan headed to bed after a second game. I headed outside to get chickens to bed, close up the greenhouse, water what looked dry and take care of some bug problems.

It's been a bit of a quiet day - but it's been a good day.

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