Saturday, August 10, 2019


 Krista suggested Stacia and I ride our bikes along the river trail, while she ran. She is working her way back to her former fitness level.  We have wanted to ride this trail for two years, but couldn't seem to get it together. Mainly, getting the bikes to a starting point because we did NOT want to ride up our hill. Krista has a bike rack that fits on the back of her hatchback. Off we went.

It is a beautiful ride along the Old Glenn Hwy...but one barely notices the hwy. The River, ponds, mountains, interesting property capture your was a great ride.  We stopped to get a close look at an old RV park, an interesting house?, and a cemetery. The bike Stacia rode was giving her trouble. I think we need to get her a "real bike" of her own. 
Matanuska River

 The fireweed bloom is at the top - it will soon die out. Six weeks until winter? 

Back at home we set up the disc golf goals and played a round...Michael was getting ready to butcher a chicken or two (a long, frustrating, sad story), Krista helped in the garden a bit and then headed out for dinner with a friend before the baby shower....Dad, Alex, Stacia and I cleared chickweed and started a lasagna garden (another post coming).

Dad called a couple of his grand kids....and then hauled weeds to the chickens. Even the new ones know to come to the corner of the fence and wait when they see us go into the garden. LOL

In the midst of clearing I grabbed onto something. It HURT. Bad. My hand swelled up. I felt like I was being stung over and over, all over both hands, for hours afterwards. 

I do think they are going to ripen. Yay! 

The chicken received a reprieve but her days are numbered. Josiah came by for dinner. Stacia, Krista and I went to a baby shower. The guys had dinner here and played games.

Josiah said he was going home. Everyone but Michael and I headed for bed. Josiah stayed two hours talking - love connecting.

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