Friday, August 09, 2019

New Appliance

Michael is a researcher. He researches what he wants to purchase. He watches the for sale lists for the item to show up. He is content to watch for months (years even - ahem - a hot tub) for a good deal. He also scans on-line sources and local ads.

Last fall we saw how useful a vacuum sealer would be. We knew we wanted one before we began putting things away this summer/fall. I was content to pick up a Food Saver. Michael wasn't happy with the consumer report reviews and purchases reviews.

I froze 25 lbs of blueberries (in Ziploc). We smoked and made jerky salmon and put it into Ziploc bags.  I noted things were already getting ice crystals.

I told Michael we needed to figure out what we wanted. He said he KNEW what he wanted. I asked him to please buy it now - it was time.

I came home today to THIS on my kitchen counter. ::snort:: 
It's a home model, much like the commercial ones we use in Seward to process salmon. It comes with great reviews all the way around. It's a chamber seal....I don't understand the difference, but I DO know that the chamber sealer we use in Seward does a GREAT job.  The bags are FAR cheaper than name brand bags (like 1/4 of the price) and we can use the bags we bought for Seward.

This thing seals WATER. I'm not sure WHY we'd want to seal water...but it does. ::snort:: I've now sealed all the blue berries and salmon for long term storage.

I plan to make the downstairs kitchen (CoRielle's kitchen) a "Preservation Kitchen" when they move out. I'll do the canning, dehydrating, sealing down there....leaving a clean kitchen to use upstairs. This will not stay on my counter forever - AND it will match the tile downstairs. :snort::

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