Sunday, August 18, 2019

Sunday Fun

Church this morning.

Lunch with BreZaak, Donna, Krista and us. Unfortunately, I never remember to take photos.

We came home and Stacia made a couple of pot pies while Krista and I made cookies. No, we weren't peckish. Alex and Michael (more driving practice) drove to the next town to deliver a meal to a sweet friend's family who had surgery on Friday.

I set out munchies and we played "the game" - Farkle.  THIS is one of many reasons I'm excited about our multi-generational nest! I never had the opportunity to know any of my great-grandparents.  It's been a rich season having our kids, our grandkids, and dad living under our roof.  We had heard of such families - dear friends have multi-generational homes, Michael was raised in one, as was Cory - but we didn't see it with the military lifestyle.

 Dad invited Benny to roll for him.

Benny has a unique roll  - his whole body gets into the action. 

Earlier in the day I happened on GG reading his paper - check out all the dinosaurs with him....on the arms of the chair, his knee, his shoe....::snort:: 

CoRielle will be moving to their new home within a month or two....but the chance for Benny, Bella, Gideon, and Annnie to get to know their GG is priceless! What a blessing. I know without a doubt, he is blessed by their presence as well.

We consider ourselves lucky to have Dad moving into our home. We are thrilled we are "retired" and have the ability to stay in one place and have Dad join us. It's such a great time for our kids to deepen a relationship with dad as well.

Through the past few challenging years - when deeply desired dreams were denied - we continued to believe there was a reason. We would eventually see why we weren't allowed to be missionaries in Japan.  I am not sure this is "all," but this is one very special reason we can find joy in being denied our dream - we've been given another we'd not even considered wishing for.  God is always good. 

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