Monday, September 23, 2019

Monday Projects

Monday was a sad day for our family - I'll write about it later, everyone is fine!  Enough said for now.

As we often do, we process by doing....the boys spent the afternoon finishing the Birch tree from yesterday....It was so pretty at the bottom.....
Alex is becoming quit the pro. 
 And very dead at the top. 

Nolan manned the fire today. 

Stacia and I stayed busy inside. We did a bit more baking. I prepared for the start of Bible study tomorrow. Then we worked on a joint project. We took everything out of the pantry and ORGANIZED IT AGAIN! This time we labeled the shelves. Anyone who can read should be able to assist in keeping it organized.
A place of beauty. 
 I cleared one shelf to be able to bring some of the canning up from the basement. 

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