Saturday, October 05, 2019

Fall Projects

This is the look I get when I come home and Michael is doing something he suspects will make me nervous. ::snort::  I was used to scare me when Michael would get on ladders - he being a parky and all...BUT I've finally realized he KNOWS when he can and when he can't climb on ladders and such. He doesn't have a death wish. 

Michael and Alex knocked out three projects today....the "Christmas" lights are hung. They'll shine from now until the last dog reaches Nome in the Iditarod. We are not ODD - businesses around town are putting their lights up this week as well. It's dark in the mornings and late afternoons now.

"Papa!" Coco consoles Benny. This is one project on which he cannot shadow Papa. 

Project 2 - painting the spots they missed when they built this house! ODD. We need to rent a big lift to paint the high spring I am guessing....but Michael painted as he hung lights. LOL 

Project 3 - Alex dug the electrical wires in from the orchard's fence....the moose will be back soon now that there is snow in the mountains. We don't want them to ruin any more of our trees. At this point they only got to one tree. 

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