Saturday, October 05, 2019

Girls Day Out!

Saturday morning and we're gathering at The Art Cafe!
L-R Krista, Benny, Annie (floor), BreAnne, Me, Stacia
Photo by Arielle 
The Art Cafe is a fantastic local business with a great concept. They have all kinds of make and take projects, hot drinks, fudge, free popcorn, and a variety of other sweets one can order. They also have a classroom in the back where various artists lead classes. We've been wanting to to do this for over a year.  It's a great place to create. Pick a project, put on a layer of bling or glaze, relax with a drink, add another layer....visit.* 

Arielle was the push behind us finally making this happen. She has begun using and selling Monat products.  She wanted to do a talk on Monat;  combining it with our elusive fun day at the Art Cafe was a win win.  We got to hear about a new product she and Krista are enjoying, she sold some product, we all got to visit. 
Benny was a great help for "CoCo". She sent it home with
Bre for Gideon and Bella to re-paint. 
 Ready to begin painting a pumpkin

 We chose little squashes to paint. 
Me and Stacia
Photo by Arielle
By this point I knew full well I felt "un-right" - but I wouldn't admit I felt down right sick. I am an extrovert. I was feeling great with the gals - I came home and went to bed. As did Krista. 

It was a fun day - we left our projects to be fired. Since I'm back dating this post - I have a photo of the finished product.  We love the way they turned out.  I also love the memory for future years as I pull out fall decor. 

 *Krista's first job was at Elmendorf AFB  Arts and Crafts shop. She poured slip...and much more. The kids and I had a lovely homeschool class there and a friend and I spent most of a winter making things - which I still have and use.  On base we bought our own brushes and glazes. We paid for the use of a mold or if we purchased a product ready to clean and glaze. We poured our own projects. It was MUCH cheaper.  So.....debating. This way one doesn't collect extra bits of glaze ....and there are no supplies to buy....but the brushes are worn and the prices are higher. BUT THIS IS LOCAL.....5 minute drive as opposed to a 30 minute drive.... Not even sure if there is still an Arts/Crafts on EAFB...... I AM sure Stacia and I need to spend more time creating at the Arts and Crafts. I may even put art on her ILP next year. LOL

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